Muir Lake TT Information (July 13)

Muir Lake TT Information

Muir Lake Circuit Event Guide

To access the Muir Lake circuit, take Exit 360 from Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail) WBD and head north on Campsite Road (RR 274) for a few hundred metres, then turn left (west) onto TWP 532, signed to Golf Course Road. The start/finish and parking on RR 275 are one mile west.

The road surface going north on RR280 is typical Alberta Crude, so over-inflation of tires is not recommended; most of the rest of the course is Alberta Smooth. Note that there are four STOP signs on the circuit, where riders turn right. There will only be marshals at the second and fourth STOP signs, the two four-way intersections. There will not be any marshals at the first and third STOP signs, the two T-intersections. Please remember that marshals have no authority to stop traffic, and that it is each rider’s responsibility to know and follow the course, and to ride safely.

Muir Lake Circuit