2018 Results

2018 Results

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Final 2018 BAR Results: PDF or download the Excel File

Congrats to our Age Category Winners:
CW Joy Mekechuk
E Peter Heppleston
D Dave Embury
C Lorne Dmitruk
B Dan Nelson
A Stewart Wyllie
Best total age standard: Peter Heppleston +41.53

September 19, Hill Climb
Stewart Wyllie was the quickest on the climb, 2 mins 32 secs

September 5, Olympiette 20K TT
Brian Countryman had the best age standard, +6.59, and he was quicker than Ross Wilson.

August 8, Criterium Omnium
Wednesday’s crit omnium was fun and animated with 13 riders.
Thank you to our volunteers!

August 1, Bon Accord 40K TT
BAR to August 1
Peter Heppleston posted the best Age Standard result, +9.59, (wow!) on a challenging 40 km course, with 12 riders that night. Kudos also to Lorne Dmitruk, Ulf Kleppe, and Dan Nelson.
Thank you to our volunteers!

July 18, Graminia TT
Eleven cyclists raced the time trial on a hot evening with the threat of storms. The Graminia/Golden Spike Rd course was long and flat, with every rider beating the standard.

Peter Heppleston had the best Age Standard result with Ed Heacock and Lorne Dmitruk not far behind. Lorne had the fastest overall time.

July 11, Muir Lake TT (Road Bike Only)
18 cyclists raced the time trial. The Muir Lake course was slightly altered due to a lot of gravel on corner #1 (good call Dan Nelson). Road bikes only, the Glory Hills hills and a brisk NW wind made it tough.

Brian Countryman had the best results vs the Standard with Ed Heacock and Clive Burke not far behind. Overall, Brian also put down the fastest time.

July 4, Criterium Omnium
It was a fun night at the crit omnium, the weather was great,and the geese must have been playing away from home. The total points score was very tight,with 8 riders within 4 points of each other. Congrats to Kendall Seaton and Shane Rush.

June 27, Olympiette Centre 30.5K TT
BAR to June 27
16 cyclists rode the time trial. A few extra kilometers and brisk crosswinds made it a little more challenging. Ed Heacock had the best results vs the Standard with Peter Heppleston and Ulf Kleppe not far behind. Overall Ross Wilson put down his usual fast time

June 20, Northern Bear Road Race
BAR to June 20
Northern Bear was well attended as expected with conditions so favourable. 21 cyclists came out to test their fitness – and their hydration. Group 1 saw a 4 man breakaway stay away, with Shane Rush edging Dan Nelson in an exciting sprint. Group 2 saw Ken Miller and Lorne Dmitruk on a long break only to be caught. Sherman Cutknife then rolled off the front for the victory with Peter Heppleston in hot pursuit. Thanks to the volunteers who came out – the race doesn’t happen without you.

June 13, Bon Accord 20K TT
BAR to June 13
With a bit of a cross/headwind on the outbound leg this made for a challenging TT. Made no difference to Gail Wozny, with her preparation and training, powering her to a massive +6.02 age standard. Wow! Congrats!

Strong rides as always from Heppleston, Dmitruk, Kleppe, Nelson, Joy M. and Ross Wilson.
Thank you to all our volunteers.

June 6, Criterium Omnium

That was a fun night at the Research Park. Thanks, as always, to our volunteers, especially race chief Ulf, and Shane, for keeping track on everyone. Thanks to all the riders, who came out, and put in such great efforts, and made it possible for us to do what we do.

May 23, Glory Hills Road Race

Twenty one riders raced at Glory Hills Wednesday. Thanks to all, for supporting our races, and to our volunteers for making it possible. The faster group was won by Stewart Wyllie, with John Saunders, breaking away from the second group, and staying clear.

Group B Video:

May 16, Joseph Lake TT
BAR to May 16

For the first solo time trial of the year, attendance was good on a windy night with the uncertainty for rain. Heading out was faster than expected with the cross-tailwind. Following the turn, keeping aero was important as the gradient only assisted with the headwind a little bit.
Kudos to Ed Heacock for winning the Age Standard and to Ross Wilson for recording the fastest time.
Thank you to the volunteers! There would be no race without you.

May 9, Criterium Omnium

It was an opposite wind from normal, in our crit last Wednesday May 9th, and Dan Nelson,used it to his advantage,as a slight gap developed in the handicap 5 lap. He accelerated, in that big gear through the chicane, after the start,on that last lap,not to be seen again. Stewart Wyllie, though, was best overall this night, continuing his strong start to the season.

Thank you to all our volunteers, and to Bruce Carter for doing the race results.

May 2, 2UP TTT
Age Standard

A hailstorm before the start, for the first EMCC race this year, on May 2nd, saw a field reduced to 9, as “Johnny Fairweather” went home, and the remainder, battled through blustery conditions, on a messy road, and then shared tall tales over beer and pizza.

The two up time trial was challenging, and fun,with the best age standard going to Aaron Mumby and Dan Nelson.