2017 Results

2017 Results

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Sept 6 TWP 520 TT
BAR to Sept 6

Fourteen riders rode on a pleasant warm evening at the TWP 520 TT course. Lorne Dmitruk took top honours (+ 5.25 age standard) for the guys, with Peter 3 secs behind ( +5.22), and Joy (+3.44) for the ladies.

Andre was quickest (28:09), Lorne (28:13) with Curtis and Jim high 29’s, and Bruce Carter, Ulf, Ken and Clive, all at 30 and loose change.

Peter Heppleston has won the Age Standard Competition (+46.40), from Lorne (+43.26) and Clive Burke (+40.47)

In the BAR most age groups are sewn up: Peter Heppleston, Clive Burke, Lorne, young Curtis Roper!, Elka and Sherry. Still battling things out: Kathy and Joy, and Ross and Dan.

Aug 30 TT Bon Accord
BAR to Aug 30

Ed Heacock had the best +/- age standard, (+6:34), on a night where 17 riders rode 21K at the Bon Accord TT. With 2 ladies present, Joy Mekechuk showed her mettle, TTíng strongly (+3.39).

Those C guys were well represented-kudos to Bruce Carter,with a solid 32:16.

Lorne, fresh from a good showing at the Provincial TT, had the fastest time Wednesday (29:11). Describing the conditions this night “as good with light winds”, nevertheless, he said, “Picked up the pace on return, but it seemed like it took me forever to get past my minute man.” His on board computer provided by Mike Burton.

Thank you again to our volunteers.

With just three races to go,for September,in the BAR, its Peter Heppleston, Clive Burke, Lorne Dmitruk, Curtis Roper, Ross/Dan, Kathy/Joy, Elka, Sherry.

This week has our final age standard TT, and our three leaders at present,are Peter Heppleston +41:18, Lorne Dmitruk +38:01 and Clive Burke +35:53.

Aug 23 RR Northern Bear
BAR to Aug 24

There were 14 riders out on what turned out to be a very pleasant evening. We were initially missing one volunteer, who had erroneously gone to the Glory Hills course, but realising his mistake he made his way east. Thanks as always to ALL the volunteers, especially those who volunteer even though they don’t race and those who keep the laggards on the bike company.

The first group was at maximum capacity at the start but within the first lap had split into two smaller groups. Post race Shane Rush (who was first across the line) commented that he felt the pace was too sedate so he had to shake things up. Dan Edgcumbe made an unsuccessful attempt at a break (he claims it was a deliberate tactic to suss out the competition but…) Masters B riders took 4 of the top 5 slots with Ulf Kleppe (C) sneaking in there as well.

The second group was small by comparison and became even smaller but all three remaining riders (Nick Insole, Ken Miller and Joy Mekechuk) finished strong.

Aug 9 Weighscales Handicap RR
BAR to Aug 9

Sixteen riders raced hard at the Weighscales Handicap Road Race Wednesday night. Race Chief Lorne, with three groups on the road set a tough handicap, scratch, +4 and +7 minutes.

Curtis, Andre and their crew rode valiantly, passing the middle group just into the final lap of 4, but didn’t come close to that well drilled “slow” group. Who knew… They could have used a Shane Rush. No bike~!. I dunno… that fast, good chap volunteered instead!

Kudos to Ulf and Gord, for going in with those quick guys, and to that middle group which has been a tough one this year; for it to meld, and to chase down that group ahead.

There is one remaining Road Race Handicap, Sept 13th, at Glory Hills. Come on out!

On the night, the seven minute group were motivated and determined, staying together throughout, with Clive Burke leading it out from Peter. Our two ladies, Joy and Elka, were both strong within this group, Elka especially so.

Thank you to all our volunteers on the night.

In other news,there are six races remaining this season – TT, RR, TT, TT, HCAP, RR, HC.

For the age group awards,Peter Heppleston(E), Kathy(CW), Elka(BW), Sherry(AW) have comfortable leads in their group’s. Curtis is leading the B’s from Ken, and Lorne is ahead in the C group,from Nick and Jim. The D group is close with Clive ahead from Tom. Ross and Dan have been very close all season in the A group.

Three more circa 20k TTs will decide the age standard award with Peter out in front from Clive, a couple of minutes ahead from Bruce, at present.

Aug 2 Bon Accord 40K TT
BAR to Aug 2

Seventeen riders made it out to our longest TT this year, Bon Accord, 40kms. Thanks to all our volunteers for making it possible.

We saved the best weather for you good folk, although the jury is still out on the road surface. Nevertheless, our usual suspects mocked their age standard – special kudos to Copeland, Heacock, Heppleston and Burke. The ladies also left it all out there – Kathy on her first 40K, and Elka besting her age standard by 4.52! Ross Wilson raced around the course in 56.08,only a toonie behind Bruce. The Doc and Curtis only needed an hour for the 8,+4,+8+4 mile,and that little bit at the end.

Those right hand turns were welcome, and the second part of Lily Lake Road heading east, surprisingly smooth. Good job to Bruce Carter, achieving the age standard on his road bike, with lots of determination. That southbound leg felt hard,especially with that narrow lane of smoother pave. The concentration required that little bit more focus.

Lorne Dmitruk was third fastest on the night,with 58.22, and very close to a 10 minute age standard gain. Bruce was +15.

Peter and I discussed adding a third longer TT, in for next year, on a new course.

July 26 Glory Hills RR
BAR to July 26

It was a beautiful summer’s evening for our Glory Hills Road Race, with 15 riders racing.

We had 2 groups on the road (10 & 5) with the fast group led out by Peter Boychuk, Curtis and Greg Sowak. Congrats to Peter! Great to see our old buddy Rejean Lavoie, in town for a visit & a ride.

Gail definitely made us work in that second group, kudos to her, as she kept stretching out that elastic. It was Clive from Gail at the finish.

Thanks to all our volunteers, ably organised on the night by Team Miller and to Richard and Jim, for those extra volunteer shifts.

In other news, Peter Heppleston is stealing a march in the Best All Rounder E age group; Tom Mumby is ahead, from Clive and Maurice McKinney in the D age group. Sixteen riders have raced so far, in the C age group, with Lorne Dmitruk, leading and looking strong. Happy Birthday for Tuesday! Ken Miller, is second in the B age group, chasing a tough competitor in Curtis. Dan and Ross are close in the A age group and the ladies are led by Kathy Miller (C), Elka (B) and Sherry (A).

That longer  time trial, last week, definitely aided the big hitters in the Age Standard Competition, with Clive and Peter out in front (+19 minutes total), from Lorne (+16), Sid McKinney, Jim Yeske, Bruce Copeland and Curtis (+13), Ed and Andre (+10) with a 40K TT coming up next week.

July 19 Joseph Lake 36.7K TT

Bruce Copeland was FAST on a challenging  Joseph Lake TT course with 18 riders racing. Bruce was 4 seconds quicker than last year,clocking 49.36 (+13.28)!!

Kudos too,to our A-C speedsters, Andre Ratte 52.35 (+7.40), Ross 53.04, Lorne 53.57 (+8.19). If Andre gives himself a decent warm up,then who knows…

The following distinguished gentleman, also had big big age standard gains. Ed was smooth, and offering encouragement as he went, 54.27 (+10.41); Peter, steady and sure, 57.33 (+10.18), and Clive, very consistent, 57.55 (+8.38). Sid McKinney rode well, after we gorilla taped his shoe!

Kathy Miller (CW) had a very good ride, 67.22 (-0.31) and is close to that age standard.  There were determined efforts from Jean-Claude and Sherry. Good job folks! Thanks to all our volunteers.

July 12 Muir Lake 18K TT

At our second annual, “positively hard” road bikes only, Graeme Dibbs Memorial 18K TT, Ulf Kleppe (C) won the age standard on the nigh: +2.44 (28.06) Congrats!

A positive plus/minus in this format is well won, 10/19 riders achieved that.

It was nice to see Marcy, this time accompanied by her six year old grandson.

Both the C and men’s B divisions were very internally competitive on the night, with strong rides from Doc Watson, Lorne, and those B youngsters!

Honorable mentions also to Shane Rush (B) 27.54!, Clive Burke (D), 29:28 (+2:40), Joy Mekechuk (CW), 31.48 (+1.16), and Peter Heppleston (E) 31.57 (+0.48).

July 5 Handicap Road Race Weighscales

Fourteen riders made it out, on a very nice evening at the Weighscales tonight. Thank you to all our volunteers-we greatly appreciate the work that you do.

It was great to see Bruce Copeland racing, and he did much work in that scratch group, with the guys chasing down, first the 3 minute group, at 2 laps, then the 7 minute group, whom they caught at 3.5 laps. Bruce nudged out Shane Rush, in the sprint, from that group of four.

Tom Mumby, then brought home the 7 minute quartet, a resilient, well organised crew.

Aaron and Lorne, were a couple of minutes behind those guys, and apparently when they opened it up at the finish,  Mumby Jr. dislodged his back wheel, stayed upright, and did a Chris Froome, those last 20 metres across the line!

Other points of interest, Sherry put in a good college effort to hold on to the 7 minute guys for a wee while, on that undulating terrain southbound. There were punctures/flats for Bill Burtnik and Dan Edgcumbe. I saw Dan in the ditch, changing a tube, but our man on corner 1, Carsten Erbe, gave him his bike, so he could continue on, in the hurt locker, for that last lap. Good job guys!

Ay, it was a good night. Unfortunately I have received complaints from the Race Marshalls on riders crossing the center line as they passed through the finish area/making turn into car park, on each lap. It is important for us to be safe, to say what we are going to do, and act on it accordingly, even when in a race situation.

June 21 Northern Bear Road Race
BAR to June 21

The strong wind made for interesting riding at Northern Bear last night, with 14 male riders in two groups, (8+6), ably marshalled by Sherry Haque,and her crew.

Velo colours were to the for, with an always fast Shane Rush, with our sprinter, Curtis Roper, coming through for the win. Greg Sowak raced smartly for third, in that group’s sprint out.

The pace splintered the last two in that group, who were picked off by Keith Thomas, leading out the second group, which had split 3-3.

The racing was fun, tough, and the legs were tired pushing heavy gears in that wind.

Tom Mumby, our elder statesman last night, said he suffered that first lap of three. But we were grateful how he shared the work throughout. Thanks Tom!


On a pleasant evening, with 14 riders, we welcomed an old friend, the undulating Weigh scales road race course. Big kudos then to Honest Jim, who kept the pace as such,from the 8 minute group, and brought out the best in Joy (2nd) and Kathy (3rd). Ladies, wow! Congrats!

Shane Rush took the win, imploding the Scratch group. Gord Morrison rallied, again, passing Mumby’s 4 minute group, although Tom did have bragging rights, with Aaron in his rear view mirror.

Thanks to all for a big effort and great race,and to our volunteers for making it possible.


May 31 TT 20K TWP 520
BAR to MAY31
Despite the storm, the pave was dry, as 17 hardy folk rode speedy TTs on TWP 520.
On age standard, none better than Peter Heppleston, who took top honours from Clive Burke.
Six riders rode thirty minutes and change tonight, and they were all held off by Lorne Dmitruk.
Fast guy again was Ross Wilson, who put his own spin on things. “Pedal fast”, in his words.
Good to see Gord Morrison (C) again,with a super time,and third best age standard on the night.
Ken Miller likewise, lit up the B division.
Stay safe,and keep enjoying this fun sport, that brings us together.

BAR to MAY24

On a tough Joseph Lake TT course, it was a very cool night. Those  “A”‘ guys were quick, but still upstaged by Alan Sutherland, who took both the fastest time,and best age standard plus/minus.

Rich and Gord said hello!, as they rode through on a training ride. Some rode on racing bikes tonite. There were 22 riders. Three ladies, kudos to Elka, Kathy and Sherry.

Spare a thought for Dan Nelson, a fast “B” rider now, but who doesn’t score age standard points until his 40th in September…



19 riders, for the second week in a row, took part in our first handicap road race this year.
The scratch group started 9 minutes behind us slower guys, and in the end, were relatively close.

The win on the night went to Greg Sowak, congrats, who passed the 9 minute group on the third lap, just before the second last turn, and rode with good pace and stayed away by himself.
After Greg, the finishing order was the 9 min group, the scratch group, and the 3 min group, who it would appear,all rode strongly together. Some riders dropped off.

Congrats to all – it was a pleasant evening, and a safe ride.


The first race of the season! Thanks to our volunteers, Peter Heppleston (race chief) and Aaron Mumby. There was a good turnout, 19 riders, and welcome to our new rider, Gordon Tabachniuk.