Safety and Code of Conduct

Safety and Code of Conduct

For the purpose of keeping our Wednesday night events safe, the executive requires all participants to abide by the following:

• All participants are responsible for their own safety. DO NOT rely on course Marshalls when making turns. Course Marshalls simply indicate the direction of the course and DO NOT stop traffic for the riders.

• Corners with stop signs are considered neutral. When approaching a corner with a stop sign, all participants must reduce their speed and be prepared to stop and only proceed through the corner if it is clear. The corner will remain neutral until all participants (within a contiguous peloton) have completed the turn. This means no attacking directly before or after a corner with a stop sign. DO NOT blindly follow other participants through corners.

• DO NOT cross the center line of the road at any time (even while cornering). Stay as close to the right side of the road as possible. In the case of cross winds from the right, DO NOT take the strategic position of riding along the center line. Stay to the right of the road and wait for a left cross wind to string out your group.

Watch out for fellow participants by calling out traffic: “Car up/ Car back”.

DO NOT block traffic – move right as soon as possible to allow vehicles to pass.

Lights are recommended for time trials.

During a time trial is every participant’s responsibility to ride safely in spite of fatigue (ie. No weaving). It is strongly recommended to ride in the shoulder unless unsafe to do so (ie. Debris on the road). DO NOT obstruct traffic.

Edmonton Research Park course: At this course, Marshalls will hold back vehicles until the group passes however cars may still get through so participants must be ready for this possibility. If a group comes across a vehicle the riders must slow down and become neutral until the group can pass together safely.

Because of the potential for serious injury the executive will penalize participants for unsafe riding as described in the code of conduct. For further information on safety please refer to the EMCC code of conduct and insurance waiver agreed to upon registration.