2014 Results

2014 Results

May 7th – TTT
A cool but sunny evening, not much wind, a nice new course, and beer and pizza afterwards – the first event of the season went off well, and we all had a good time.

May 14th – Criterium

May 21st – TTT

June 11th – Criterium
Nice evening for a race, nice to see a couple more returning faces, nice to see Ken Miller out again after his crash and on a new bike to boot, and nice to welcome new member Jack Almond. We shared the road during warm-up with several geese and dozens of goslings, so Lloyd LaRone was assigned gooseherd duties for the evening. The Mumby’s brought their own cheering section, who were very generous with their encouragement, especially when Tom duly won the scratch race.

June 25th – Road Race
Well, after last Wednesday’s bad call the Cancellation Committee got it right this week. Despite the threatening skies in the late afternoon the evening got better as it wore on. Clive Burke came out to watch, fresh from his week-long Tour of Hope ride, not looking much the worse for wear, and keen to get riding again. And as ever a good time was had by all, except perhaps Joel and Nick, but at least they got one BAR point each for being silly B’s and going DNF.

July 2nd – ITT
A surprisingly fast evening, given the stiff SE wind sweeping across the course. Bree Erickson was there to ride her debut race, but unfortunately suffered a mechanical before the start. Even the combined wills of the small crowd gathered round watching Tom McKee struggling with her bike weren’t able to fix it – next time, Bree!.

July 9th – Criterium Championship
It was a dark and stormy night, but everyone was determined to race anyway, in some kind of masochistic sympathy with the riders in the Tour de France today. So thanks to all the volunteers who stood out in the rain, or out of the rain in the bus shelters or under a convenient tree.

July 16th – ITT Championship
After we laid down some slightly serious V last week in the rain, this week’s Rule #9 challenge was smoke from forest fires. Perhaps the health warnings that elderly people should avoid any exertion in the open kept some away, because the turnout for a Club Championship was a bit disappointing. It was a tough night, possibly because of the pollution, and possibly because the wind got up before the start and made the northbound leg a bit of a grovel for everyone, then promptly dropped so there wasn’t much tail-wind help coming back.

FYI, the results for Master A riders in time trials are based on Actual Time, not Age Standard plus/minus, because the VTTA Age Standard tables start at age 40. We actually started doing this last year.

July 23 – Road Race Championship
It turned out to be a very pleasant evening, so thanks to the volunteers who gave up their ride so that the rest of us could race.

Jult 30 – TT
That was hot – the evening, that is, not so much the race, although despite the conditions there were a few pretty good times on the “sporting” Villeneuve course. It was even too hot for the mosquitos to be out!

Aug 06 CR Omnium
Another evening of intense racing went down well, and we got everything wrapped up just before the threatening storm hit. The para-medical person actually had something to do this time, not a crash but tending to a minor self-inflicted wound. Welcome to new member Jeff Dilling, competing in what was tonight a very competitive Master B group.

August 13th – ITT
With only five more events to go, most BAR competitions seem to be already sewn up. Sadly only four women have raced so far this year, and the Women’s A (the Graeme Dibbs Memorial Trophy), B, and C BAR trophies look to be wrapped up for Bree Erickson, Gail Wozny, and Joy Mekechuk respectively. The Master E trophy has been a duel between Sid McKinney and Jack Almond, with Sid consistently coming out on top. Peter Heppleston has run away with the Fausto Coppi Trophy (the oldest trophy in the club) in Master D, mainly due to lack of competition – more Master D men have helped out at events than have ridden them. While Dave Embury has a healthy lead in Master C, the top three or four could be re-shuffled depending on who wants it badly enough to show up to the remaining events. Master B is still a very close race between Curtis Roper and Ken Miller for the Toni Bevilaqua Trophy, with Rejean Lavoie coming on strongly. Aaron Mumby has now clinched the Master A trophy from Dan Nelson.

Under the conditions set out at the beginning of the year, only four people have plusses in the Age Standard competition for the Maurice Johnson Memorial Cup, and only Jean-Claude Coupal can join them by getting a time in the next event on Bon Accord.

August 20th – Road Race
A short sharp cloud-burst on the top leg of the course later on in the race meant that a couple of volunteers got soaked for their trouble. Other than that it was another smooth night’s racing.

With four events to go, all the BAR trophy competitions seem to be locked up, except for the Masters B Toni Bevilaqua Trophy, where it’s still at least a three-way race.

August 27th – ITT
It took a while to sort out them out, but finally here are the correct times from last night. The Master B BAR competition for the Toni Bevilacqua Trophy is coming down to the wire, with Ken Miller holding on to a 6 points lead over Curtis Roper and Rejean Lavoie with three events to go. Jean-Claude Coupal got his 20 km time on Bon Accord to become the fifth rider to qualify for the Maurice Johnson Memorial Cup Age Standard competition. And just as everyone was leaving the storm hit.

September 3rd – ITT
It was an increasingly cool, calm, and collected evening on the revised TWP 520 course.

The Age Standard Competition for the Maurice Johnson Memorial Cup is now wrapped up. Congratulations to the five riders who posted qualifying plusses on the four courses.

With two events still to go, most BAR trophy competitions are definitely wrapped up – congratulations to Joy Mekechuk, Gail Wozny, Bree Erickson, Sid McKinney, Peter Heppleston, Dave Embury, and Aaron Mumby. However, the destination of the Toni Bevilacqua Trophy is still uncertain, with Ken Miller maintaining a slender lead over Rejean Lavoie and Curtis Roper – it looks as though this Master B BAR competition could go down to the wire at the hill climb.

September 10th – Criterium
It was the Battle of the B’s again tonight, but it will still come down to the wire at the hill-climb next week. Ken Miller crashed out very early on in the evening, and is now tied for first place in the BAR with Rejean Lavoie, and Curtis Roper is just 2 points behind. Nick Insole was actually the top Master B in the omnium, thanks to taking advantage of some slightly generous handicapping, plus the fact that he didn’t fall off like Ken or suffer from exploding tires like Rejean.

Clive Burke’s recovery seems to be going well – he had a particularly strong ride in the handicap.

Here is a link to a bunch of photos Margaret Chen took last Wednesday evening at the criterium. Anyone who would like a copy of an individual photo, contact Margaret Chen at see_2020 ‘at’ shaw.ca, but please allow a week or two for her to respond.

September 17th – Hill Climb
The Master B BAR finale was played out on this beautiful warm, still September evening. Final overall victory went to Rejean Lavoie over Curtis Roper, with long-time leader Ken Miller, who unfortunately did not ride tonight, slipping to third. The hill climb itself was a very close race, and the top three times are presented in full rather than being rounded up to the nearest whole second just to show how close it was.

And then we all repaired to the nearest Boston Pizza for a couple of hours of end-of-season celebration, and plotting of next year’s revenge.

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