2023 Membership


**NEW: The EMCC becomes the EMRC in 2023**

In 2023 the EMCC will be re-named the EMRC (Edmonton Midweek Racing Club) and hold weekly Criterium and Time Trial events on Wednesday evenings. 




2022 Membership

Currently the EMCC organizes some twenty mid-week events (time trials, road races, and criteriums) between May and September. There are club rides every Sunday morning from the beginning of April to the end of September, although informal rides start earlier and carry on later as the weather permits. There is an annual week-long training camp in Penticton, held during April, and EMCC members also have access to the programs at the Argyll Velodrome. For riders wishing to learn the basics of group riding, there are early season Saturday morning rides led by experienced riders.

Membership is open to anyone aged 30 years and older. Non-members who have not previously participated but would like to try a Saturday or Sunday ride are eligible for a one-off try-out. A CCA waiver must be signed and dated, and submitted to a member of the Club Executive at the start of the ride.

To Become a Member
To become a member please complete the online membership application. The EMCC has adopted a Code of Conduct. Please read the EMCC Code of Conduct and Risk Management Plan before submitting your EMCC membership application.

2020 EMCC Membership fees are as follows:
First Claim General Membership – $60 + $43 ABA Insurance = $103  (no race fees included)
First Claim Full Membership – $110 + $43 ABA Insurance = $153 (includes all race fees)
First Claim Membership Ages 70 and over-  $0 + $43 ABA Insurance = $43 (includes all race fees)
Second Claim General Membership – $60  (no race fees included)
Second Claim Full Membership – $110 (includes all race fees)
Second Claim Membership Ages 70 and over – $0 (includes all race fees)
Remote Membership $43 (includes ABA Insurance but no race fees)

NOTE: If joining EMCC as a second-claim member, you must be a first-claim member of an ABA affiliated club, and must provide proof of insurance  (through the ABA) before you will be allowed to participate in club events.

Memberships (Apprentice Masters) are now available to those riders who turn 25 to 29 in this calendar year. Such memberships are only available as second claim members described above, and racing/riding is limited to group rides and time trial events only.

Volunteer Requirements
Each member is required to volunteer for at least one position in order to be eligible to participate in the club races.
Click here for full volunteering details (section 3)
Click here for the Volunteer Schedule