March 2015 EMCC Newsletter

March 2015 EMCC Newsletter

1. New Volunteer Coordinator
Richard Henderson has stepped up to reprise his role as Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks, Richard.

2. 2015 EMCC Membership
Full membership includes your entry fee for all the midweek events; general membership does not, but you can still participate in midweek events for a $5 entry fee per event. Renew your membership for the 2015 season here.

3. EMCC Sunday Rides
Our regular Sunday club rides will start on Sunday April 5th, 2015, at 9:00 am from the usual location, weather permitting of course. Remember you must be a member of EMCC to participate – see above.

4. Penticton Week
The Penticton week runs from Sunday April 19th to Saturday April 25th. Call the Tiki Shores motel at 1-866-492-8769 to book a room and ask for the EMCC rate. Remember you must be a member of EMCC to participate – see above.

5. EMCC Clothing
Some EMCC clothing is still available and on sale as follows.

Biemme stock:
Gloves – M
Arm warmers – M, L, XL
Leg warmers – M, L
$5 per item

25th Anniversary ATAC stock:
Short sleeve jerseys (men) – S, M, L
Short sleeve jerseys (women) – L
Bib shorts (men) – M
Shorts (women) – M, L
Long sleeve jerseys – M, L
All jerseys and shorts $40 per item

Vests – M, L, XXL
Vests $10

Knee warmers – S, M, L, XL
Knee warmers $5

Contact Peter Heppleston if you’re interested. The clothing will also be available again at the next (and last) meeting on April 1st

6. Saturday Rides
This year EMCC will be hosting introductory group rides, where new riders can learn some of the subtle skills and essential etiquette of group riding. These rides will be led by an experienced rider, they will be an hour to 11⁄2 hours long, and will be at an easy pace.

The first two rides are scheduled for Saturday April 11th, and Saturday May 2nd, starting at 9:30 am from the Strathcona Olympiette Centre, weather permitting. To be effective we need a minimum group size of six, so pre-registration is required. These rides are open to both EMCC members, and non-members on a one-time only try-out basis. Non-members will be required to sign a CCA waiver before the ride. There is no fee.

If you’re interested, or know someone who may be interested in group riding, please contact the EMCC Events Director, Peter Heppleston.

7. Next Meeting
The next and final meeting of the winter will take place on Wednesday April 1st, 2015 (no, really!), 7:30 pm at the Percy Page Centre.