EMCC is a member of the Argyll Velodrome

Did you know that the EMCC is a member of the Argyll Velodrome and you can participate in their events!

Here is some basic info. The Argyll Velodrome is located in Edmonton at 795 Wheeler Road West.

Hours of Operation

The Edmonton Masters Cycling Club will have access to the property, clubhouse and related equipment during business hours.

The property schedule will be similar to last year with your members having the opportunity to have more flexibility in training time. They will be welcome to ride during any of the following activities and times:

Monday = Open Training – 3:00-5:00, Intro to track 5:00-6:30, Structured training 6:30-8:30

Tuesday = Open Training 3:00-4:30, Elite training – 7:30-9:00

Wednesday = Open Training 3:00-4:30, Elite training 7:30-9:00

Friday = TBA

Saturday = Open training 3:00-5:00

Programs Provided

All Edmonton Masters Cycling Club members are welcome to join in any program provided by the Argyll Velodrome Association including:

AVA’s Thursday night Track League races. This series will begin Thursday May 3rd and go through to Thursday August 30th 2019

The 81” Cup,

50 km Marathon

Please refer to the AVA website for a more detailed understanding of the activities schedule.

Note that all programs are value-added programs.  Applicable fees apply.