EMCC 2016 Jerseys

EMCC 2016 Jerseys

We have designed a new EMCC jersey for this year. The jerseys are being made by Jakroo and can be ordered off of their website. The link to the EMCC team store is:


You will need to set up an account to place your order and then the jersey will be shipped to your address. The cost of the jerseys will vary depending on how many we order as a group, so I encourage all members to buy one and show their EMCC colours and save some cash! I think we should be able to hit the 25 unit price level. Pricing, sizing charts, shipping costs and other info is all on the Jakroo website. We have decided on the Fondo grade of jersey which is a normal ride fit in a slightly thicker material for our cooler climate.

Our contact at Jakroo is Krista Ruby at 1-877-517-9261. She (or any of the agents) can help with accessing the EMCC team store, sizing, shipping or any other questions you may have.

THE EMCC TEAM STORE WILL BE OPEN FROM MARCH 16 UNTIL APRIL 3. You will be able to order single jerseys after this date but the cost will jump to the highest individual price.

If you have any questions that the folks at Jakroo can’t answer you can email Ken Miller.

EMCC 2016 jersey